We help you all the way to settlement

Once you have decided to sell your property you need to have a contract for sale drawn up before the property can be put on the market. An agent will need to be chosen before this can be done as the agent's name need to be on the contract for sale.

At Karen Lambert Conveyancing KLC we will take you through from preparation of the contract for sale, liaising with the real estate agent when a buyer is found through to liaising with the bank or financial institution regarding the discharge of mortgage (if there is one) right up to settlement.

Property Selling Checklist

  • Current council and water rate notice for the house.
  • Copy of survey and or buiding certificate.
  • Are ther any illegal structures or boundary disputes affecting the property.
  • Does vendor duty affect the property.
  • Selected real estate agents contact details.
  • Advise the location fo the title deed (if no morgage).
  • List of inclusions.
  • Any story of termite tratment.
  • Any noticed received from government departments regarding land acquisitions.
  • Copies of power of attorneys.
  • Land tax notices.
  • Copy of lease agreement.

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We can assist you with:

  • Preparation of contracts for the sale of land.
  • Preparation of contracts for sale of Businesses Contract review.
  • Property settlements and negotiations.
  • Commercial and Retail Leases.
  • Auction enquiries.
  • Assistance with identifying suitable opportunities for finance.
  • Assistance for first home owners and the First Home Owners Grant .
  • Mortgages, refinancing and property deposit bonds.
  • Property developments.
  • Property division.