We help you all the way to settlement

When buying a property the most often asked questions are "where do I start?" "what should I do now I have found a property?"

Once you have found your property and negotated a price the first thing you should do is obtain a copy of the contract and bring it to us to look over.

If everything is OK with the contract and you have done your pest and building inspections or strata inspection if strata and you have unconditional finance then you will be in a position to exchange.

Before exchange you must have completed all your negotiations and had any amendments noted on the contract as once you have exchanged contracts you are locked into a binding contract.

Once exchange has become binding we will do property enquiries and liase with the bank or financial institution and assist with the formalities of signing and returning mortgage documents.
Karen Lambert Conveyancing will then liaise with you all the way through to settlement.


Home Buyers Inspection Checklist

Some important potential issues to identify when purchasing a property:

  • How do I know everything is Council approved?
  • Any Builders Insurance for a partly renovated home?
  • Do I exchange contracts with or without a "cooling off period?"
  • Any special levies I have to pay?
  • Is the building free from damp, around windowsills, on ceilings and under floor coverings?
  • Is the size of the hot water system large enough for your needs?
  • Does the house receive plenty of natural light and ventilation?
  • Turn on all taps to check water pressures and water hammer.
  • Check the number of power points, are they suitably located?
  • Are there sufficient storage facilities?
  • If there is a pool, does the fencing comply with the safety regulations of the council?
  • Is it possible to extend the house for future needs?
  • Are the neighbors of a suitable nature to live next to?
  • Is there an outdoor Arial for television?
  • Will your kitchen appliances be well suited for the kitchen?
  • Are the fences and pathways in good order?
  • Is the house insulated both walls and ceilings to prevent noise and temperature control?
  • Has the Home been used as a Brothel or for Gambling rooms in the past?
  • Does the slope of the Land affect future extensions?
  • Is Street Parking adequate?
  • Are Schools, Shopping Centers, Libraries, Parks, Buses and Railways reasonably close by?
  • Aircraft noise is this an issue?
  • The Home is it affected by Landslip, Flooding or Bushfires?
  • Are there underground mines in the area?

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We can assist you with:

  • Preparation of contracts for the sale of land.
  • Preparation of contracts for sale of Businesses Contract review.
  • Property settlements and negotiations.
  • Commercial and Retail Leases.
  • Auction enquiries.
  • Assistance with identifying suitable opportunities for finance.
  • Assistance for first home owners and the First Home Owners Grant .
  • Mortgages, refinancing and property deposit bonds.
  • Property developments.
  • Property division.